Technical Report 2001-028

Wireless communication in telemedicine using Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b

Magnus Berggren

November 2001


This thesis explores the issues surrounding the simultaneous deployment of Bluetooth \& Wireless LAN for networked devices in a telemedicine environment. A key aspect in telemedicine is the ability of the two standards to co-exist in close proximity. This work defines telemedicine, gives examples of applications, and describes the two wireless techniques and the issues that arise when considering the introduction of wireless communication.

The thesis tries to answer the question whether the two wireless techniques Bluetooth and Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b) can co-exist in a telemedicine environment. In order to do this, quantified measurements where performed were the two wireless techniques where exposed to radio interference from the other technique. These results are printed as graphs and explained.

Note: M.Sc. thesis

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