Technical Report 2002-020

Code Synthesis for Timed Automata

Tobias Amnell, Elena Fersman, Paul Pettersson, Hongyan Sun, and Wang Yi

May 2002

We present a framework for development of real-time embedded systems based on the recently presented model of timed automata extended with real-time tasks. It has been shown previously that design problems such as reachability and schedulability are decidable for the model of timed automata with tasks. In this paper we describe how to automatically synthesise executable code with predictable timing behaviour, which is guaranteed to meet constraints (timing and other) imposed on the design model. To demonstrate the applicability of the framework, implemented in the Times tool, we present a case-study of a well known production cell, built in LEGO and controlled by a Hitachi H8 based LEGO Mindstorm control brick.

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