Technical Report 2003-057

Low-Overhead Spatial and Temporal Data Locality Analysis

Erik Berg and Erik Hagersten

December 2003


Performance is getting increasingly sensitive to cache behavior because of the growing gap between processor cycle time and memory latency. To improve performance, applications need to be optimized for data locality. Run-time analysis of spatial and temporal data locality can be used to facilitate this and should help both manual tuning and feedback-based compiler optimizations. Identifying cache behavior of individual data structures further enhances the optimization process. Current methods to perform such analysis include simulation combined with set sampling or time sampling, and hardware monitoring. Sampling often suffers from either poor accuracy or large run-time overhead, while hardware measurements have limited flexibility.

We present DLTune, a prototype tool that performs spatial and temporal data-locality analysis in run time. It measures both spatial and temporal locality for the entire application and individual data structures in a single run, and effectively exposes poor data locality based on miss ratio estimates of fully-associative caches. The tool is based on an elaborate and novel sampling technique that allows all information to be collected in a single run with an overall sampling rate as low as one memory reference in ten million and an average slowdown below five on large workloads.

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