Technical Report 2003-058

StatCache: A Probabilistic Approach to Efficient and Accurate Data Locality Analysis

Erik Berg and Erik Hagersten

December 2003


The widening memory gap reduces performance of applications with poor data locality. This problem can be analyzed using working-set graphs. Current methods to generate such graphs include set sampling and time sampling, but cold start effects and unrepresentative set selection impair accuracy.

In this paper we present StatCache, a novel sample-based method that can perform data-locality analysis on realistic workloads. During the execution of an application, sparse discrete memory accesses are sampled, and their reuse distances are measured using a simple watchpoint mechanism. StatCache uses the information collected from a single run to accurately estimate miss ratios of fully-associative caches of arbitrary sizes and generates working-set graphs.

We evaluate StatCache using the SPEC CPU2000 benchmarks and show that StatCache gives accurate results with a sampling rate as low as 10-4. We also provide a proof-of-concept implementation, and discuss potentially very fast implementation alternatives.

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