Technical Report 2004-025

Feasibility Study of WLAN Technology for the Uppsala - Stockholm Commuter Train

David Lundberg

June 2004


The purpose of this study is to investigate different solutions to provide high speed Internet access on a train travelling at 200 km/h using WLAN equipment. Every day about 15000 people commute between Uppsala and Stockholm and it is reasonable to assume that about 10% of those could use the time better on the train if they had a connection to the Internet. A study [survey] in the UK has shown that 80% of the business travellers work on the trains and would use WLAN if it was available. At least two companies in Sweden offer a service for this but they use expensive technology with low bandwidth.

The aim of this feasibility study is to investigate if it is possible to build an infrastructure with WLAN equipment and offer the customer the bandwidth of about a normal broadband connection at home. The task is also to make estimations of the costs for different solutions to be help decide about a continuation of the project.

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