Technical Report 2004-044

Kelb - A Real-Time Programming Environment for the Sony Aibo

Erik Cedheim, Ramzi Ferchichi, Anders Jonsson, Dan Lind, Henrik Nyman, Olof Sivertsson, Andreas Widenfalk, Jöns Åkerlund, Leonid Mokrushin, and Paul Pettersson

October 2004

Kelb is a new real-time programming environment developed at Uppsala University for the Sony AIBO ERS-210. It is aimed to provide efficiency by introducing a notion of light-weight tasks executing according to well-known real-time scheduling algorithms and resource protocols, while still allowing applications to be developed in a high-level abstract programming language. In this paper we give an overview of the design of Kelb and describe the status of the environment, currently including: a real-time programming language and compiler extending gcc for MIPS with support for time- and event-triggered tasks, a runtime library with support for static and dynamic preemptive scheduling algorithms (e.g. fixed priority and earliest deadline first), and a prototype connection to the Times tool allowing Kelb designs to be analysed for schedulabilty.

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