Technical Report 2004-049

A Design Case: Interactive Sports Content Broadcasting

Erik Borälv, Niklas Johansson, Emmanuel Papaioannou, and Athanasios Demiris

October 2004


Digital television is a new and interesting platform for developing multimedia services. The MELISA platform aims at cross-media broadcasting over digital television and 3G mobile networks. The platform provides presentation of interactive video content, advertisement and gaming.

The devices targeted by these services are Set-Top Boxes and Portable Digital Assistants. A new service, in combination with technology that does not yet allow for very rich interaction, requires careful and inventive design of the user interfaces. The key to gaining consumer acceptance of interactive TV is ease of use.

In this paper we present the system architecture briefly and discuss issues related to user interface design, considering both the type of media content and hardware platforms. We reflect on the design process used and its suitability as we as designers have experienced it.

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