Technical Report 2006-023

MPI Implementation of a PCG Solver for Nonconforming FEM Problems: Overlapping of Communications and Computations

Gergana Bencheva, Svetozar Margenov, and Jirí Starý

May 2006

New theoretical and experimental results concerning a recently introduced parallel preconditioner for the solution of large nonconforming Finite Element linear systems are presented. The studied algorithm is based on the modified incomplete Cholesky factorization MIC(0) applied to a locally constructed approximation of the original stiffness matrix. The overlapping of communications and computations is possible due to a suitable reordering of the computations applied in the MPI code. Theoretical estimates for the execution time of the modified algorithm are derived. The obtained improvement of the real performance is illustrated by numerical tests on a Beowulf-type Linux cluster, on a Sun symmetric multiprocessor and on an SGI Altix supercluster.

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