Technical Report 2011-027

Operative Tests of a New System for Train Traffic Control

Gunnika Isaksson-Lutteman, Arvid Kauppi, Arne W Andersson, Bengt Sandblad, and Mikael Erlandsson

November 2011


Tomorrow's train traffic systems requires new strategies and solutions for efficient train traffic control and utilization of track capacity, especially in traffic systems with a high degree of deregulated and mixed traffic. There are many different goals associated with the traffic control tasks and the work of the traffic controllers (dispatchers). Examples are safety, efficiency of the traffic with regard to timeliness and energy consumption, good service and information to passengers and customers etc. Today's traffic control systems and user interfaces do not efficiently support such goals.

In earlier research we have analyzed important aspects of the traffic controller's tasks, strategies, decision making, use of information and support systems etc. Based on this research we, together with Banverket (Swedish Rail Administration), have designed prototype systems and interfaces that better can meet future goals and contribute to more optimal use of infrastructure capacity.

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