Technical Report 2015-015

Formalizing a Secure Foreign Function Interface - Extended Version

Adriaan Larmuseau and Dave Clarke

May 2015

Many high-level functional programming languages provide programmers with the ability to interoperate with untyped and low-level languages such as C and assembly. Research into such interoperation has generally focused on a closed world scenario, one where both the high-level and low-level code are defined and analyzed statically. In practice, however, components are sometimes linked in at run-time through malicious means. In this paper we formalize an operational semantics that securely combines MiniML, a light-weight ML, with a model of a low-level attacker, without relying on any static checks. We prove that the operational semantics are secure by establishing that they preserve and reflect the equivalences of MiniML. To that end a notion of bisimulation for the interaction between the attacker and MiniML is developed.

Note: This technical report is an extended version of the paper of the same name that is to appear at SEFM 2015.

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