Department of Information Technology

Medicine & healthcare

Different types of images are important for medical diagnostics and computers can assist in the analysis of such images. In co-operation with radiologists, we develop methods for medical image analysis. Health care personnel must nowadays use computers for journals, examination results, and administration. We develop information systems that improve the efficiency of medical information systems.

Use of modern IT for handling information and images is of central importance in health care, medical diagnosis and treatment planning. medicine_health.jpg

Modern imaging systems deliver images with increasing resolution and complexity. The images are typically 3D, often also including the time dimension and multispectral data. To really access the rich information content in these images requires computer support. Due to the complexity of the images and the clinical questions it is usually not possible to do a completely automated analysis. We have for many years developed algorithms and systems for interactive analysis of medical images e.g. from CT, PET and MRI. We always have collaboration partners from medicine who are experts on the actual medical questions we try to provide improved tools for finding answers to. The research includes both basic image processing, segmentation and analysis methods as well as new approaches for human-machine interaction.

Health care professionals, physicians, nurses etc., need to interact with computers in many situations. Examples are electronic patient records, laboratory systems and administrative systems of different types. One of our important research areas concerns how to develop information systems that support work in health care as efficient as possible. Our research is performed in close collaboration with health care professionals and organizations. We support the professionals in analyzing problems and possibilities and to specify requirements for usable, efficient and safe IT. We help organizations to develop processes for management of information systems, with a focus on requirements, design, deployment, education, user support and evaluations.

Examples of current and recent projects in this field are:

  • Interactive segmentation and analysis of medical images (4:2011)
  • Analysis of dynamic breast MRI (8:2011)
  • Haptic-enabled 3D angle measurements in CT wrist images (10:2011)
  • Parallax error correction in retinal image registration (22:2011)
  • Assessing bone implant integration from synchrotron micro-CT data (31:2011)
  • Signal extraction and separation in PET studies using masked volumewise principal component analysis (with GE-UASL)
  • Management of IT systems in health care
  • Usability of electronic patient records
  • Patients own access to health care information and medical services
  • IT systems in care for the elderly
  • Deployment processes of IT in health care
  • Design for usability in telemedicine
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