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Department of Information Technology

Uppsala Seminars on Human-Computer Interaction

The Uppsala Seminars on Human-Computer Interaction are organised jointly by the Department of Informatics and Media, and the Department of Information Technology. Seminars run Wednesdays 13:15-14:00, every two weeks during termtime. Mike (IT) is coordinating the seminars this year, and next year (2022) someone from Informatics and Media will take over. Please email if you are interested in giving a seminar.

The seminars will be a mixture of presentations of completed work at UU, PhD theses, and external speakers. Initially they will be held completely virtually. Once it is safe, we will continue with the virtual seminars, but supplement these with the occasional physical meeting paired with a small social event.

It is possible for Ph.D. students to receive course credits for attending the seminar. Please note that this is subject to approval by the individual supervisors, and must be relevant to the PhD research in some way.

Spring 2021

Date Time/chair Title Speaker Affiliation
17/02 2021 13:15-14:00 MH The Work from home movement app: Do you think that you are moving more or less since you began working from home? Alexandra Weilenmann University of Gothenburg
03/03 2021 13:15-14:00 AW Automation effects of a patient-centric service on the work engagement and exhaustion of nurses Åsa Cajander Dept of IT, UU
17/03 2021 13:15-14:00 MH Designing distributed ledgers for and with charities John Vines University of Edinburgh
31/03 2021 13:15-14:00 MH Designing for public outdoor play Jon Back Dept of Informatics and Media, UU
14/04 2021 13:15-14:00 MH Playing it safe - working through future transitions in the past Elina Eriksson Media Technology and Interaction Design, KTH
28/04 2021 13:15-15:00 MH Final progression seminar Laia Turmo Vidal Dept of Informatics and Media, UU
12/05 2021 13:15-14:00 MH Annika Waern (tentative)
26/05 2021 13:15-14:00 MH (())

[6 June: end of semester]

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