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Department of Information Technology

Contact Us

Here you will find collected contact information for all the key functions provided to students at the Department of Information Technology.

Additional contact information for TEKNAT-students can be found on the faculty contact pages.

The Student Office

The Student Office handles administrative questions and can help you with practical matters regarding your studies, such as admissions and registration. From March 2017 and on, the new exams of the IT Department will be scanned at Studentservice Ångström. The regular exams dated October 2018 are still available to pick up at the IT Dept Student Office, though.

The Student Office is available on Zoom. You are welcome to join the meeting. Opening hours are 10.00 am - 12.30 pm, Monday through Thursday. We are using a waiting room and you will be admitted in order.

For questions regarding notifications from /, please contact

Student advisors

Our student advisors deal with questions about courses selection, programmes and different branches within programmes. If you have issues related to your studies, the student advisors are who you turn to. For opening hours and more information, please see the student advisors' webpage.

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