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Department of Information Technology


In order to attend the Department of Information Technology as an international exchange student, your home university must have a current formal exchange agreement with Uppsala University. To find out if this applies to you, your first contact should be with the exchange officer at your department or the international office at your home university. They will nominate you for an exchange with Uppsala University, after which our exchange coordinator Ulrika Jaresund will be in touch with you.

  • If your university has a "general" or "university wide" exchange agreement with Uppsala University, you can choose courses from a variety of different departments, including the Department of Information Technology. See the Courses for Exchange Students website for more information about the courses available for exchange students at the university wide agreements.
  • You may also consider studying one of our Master's programmes taught in English after you have completed your Bachelor's degree.
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Once you have been accepted

Once you have been accepted to study to Uppsala University as an exchange student, you will be contacted by us. Ulrika Jaresund is our exchange student coordinator. You can ask her about anything!

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