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Welcome New Masters Students!



This page provides important information for new masters students at the Department of Information Technology, starting this autumn 2018. Which meetings should you attend? How do you find your way around Uppsala? And how can you have the most fun during your first days at the university? Please study this page carefully and return to it often when planning your arrival in Uppsala, to ensure a smooth start of your studies.

Please note: The information below only applies to students enrolled in the Computer Science masters programme (or one of its specialisations Sino-Swedish or Concurrent and Parallel Programming), and the masters programmes in Computational Science; or Embedded Systems. If you are a student in any other masters programme within the disciplinary domain of science and technology, you should check for more information on this page.

A Message from the Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University. As a student in one of the Master Degree programmes at our department you will be part of a creative environment including high-level education and world-class research.

The Department of Information Technology conducts education and research in Computer Science and Information Technology. We cover a wide range of issues, from construction of computer systems, via programming of computers, storage and handling of data, to information retrieval and methods for applying computers in a variety of contexts.

The activities at the department are grouped into five themes: Computer Systems, Computing Science, Scientific Computing, Systems and Control and Visual Information and Interaction. Each of these themes is in itself a major subject area, where we conduct basic research and drive projects with links to applications in for example Engineering, Biology, Medicine, Economy and Psychology. The broad scientific foundation is reflected in a large number of collaborations across academic disciplines as well as with industry and the public sector.

In addition to research and education, the department is hosting the "Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing" (SNIC) that coordinates national resources for high-performance computing and data storage, distributed over local centra at six Swedish universities. In addition the department hosts Uppsala's local SNIC center, UPPMAX.

Education at our department is largely based on teaching methods where students are expected to be active and to work independently in collaboration with fellow students. Research shows that such "active learning" methods are beneficial for the learning outcome. As a student here, you should not hesitate to engage in these learning activities and to express your points of view. This will be a win-win strategy, where you will contribute to a creative atmosphere of benefit for your own learning.

Lina von Sydow, Head of Department
If you have questions or concerns about your studies, our Student Counsellors and Program Directors are there to help you. Please, feel free to contact them.

It is my sincere wish that you will thrive in this creative environment and that your period at our department will lay the foundation for a splendid future career.

Lina von Sydow
Head of Department

Introductory Meetings

The 2018 autumn term will start with introductory meetings in the week from August 27. You are expected to be in Uppsala from that week; in case you already know that your arrival in Uppsala will be delayed, you should get in touch with the coordinator of your Master Programme as soon as possible.

Finding Us: The Department of Information Technology is located at Polacksbacken. This is where most of the introductory events of the first week will take place. Find more information on how to get to Uppsala and the university here.

Enrolment Formalities: All students need to bring a valid ID (e.g., passport) to the meeting on roll call, the mandatory first meeting. Students with a provisional offer of enrollment in addition need to provide the necessary original documents, and a copy that can be certified and sent into the University admissions office.

Study Plans: During the orientation week, each student will have a 20-minute meeting with the programme coordinator or the student advisor to discuss the study plan and finalise enrollment. The schedule for these meetings will set up at the orientation meeting on Monday, August 27.

Roll Call: The roll call, the mandatory first meeting you need to attend to claim your space in your programme, will be held during the week of August 27-28. The specific time and place for each program meeting will be announced as they are decided.

  • Computer Science (incl. Sino-Swedish Specialisation and COPA): Monday, August 27, 1:15 – 3:00 pm, room 1211 ITC
  • Computational Science: Tuesday, ?????
  • Embedded Systems: Monday, August 27, 10:15 - 12:00, room 1245 ITC


All new masters students at the Department of Information Technology are invited to attend our orientation programs, where you will be presented with information about your chosen programmes and how to select your courses, find out about studying in Uppsala and get a chance to meet with your new teachers and classmates.

While the orientation programs are optional you are strongly recommended to attend as many events as possible. It is mandatory to complete your course selection before orientation is over. Please find more information about your orientation program at the links below.


More Information

The masters students at the Department of Information Technology have organised a Facebook group where you can interact with other students and find information about courses, events and many other activity relevant for a master student of Information Technology in Uppsala University.

In addition to the information provided here, it will be useful for you to have a look at Uppsala University's welcome pages, as well as the information from the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology. Both sites will give you more information about our university, the faculty, and student life in Uppsala.

You can also have a look at this online version of the university's International Student Guide.

Other Orientation Events


Every semester, Uppsala University, together with the student nations and student unions, organise a range of activities to welcome our new international students. Read more about these university-wide activities here.

The Faculty of Science and Technology invites all new master- and exchange students to a welcoming reception on August 31. Read more about the event here.

The Uppsala Student Union welcomes international students and offers help and advice every weekday. Read more about their services here.

Academic Concerns

Uppsala University’s Student Portal is an important tool for all students. Here, you can access your programme and course syllabi, study results, e-transcripts, view messages from the student union and find information about the services that are available to you. Through the Student Portal, you can also access your student e-mail account and other services included in Office 365 Education. It is important that you log in on a regular basis, as this may be the only way your department informs you of changes or news. You may also be required to register to certain courses, exams and study groups through the portal:

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