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Department of Information Technology

Student information

Here we have collected the information that you as a student at the Department of Information Technology might need. Information about our courses and programmes you will find on our education page.

Services and Support

Student Services

The Student Office can help you with practical matters regarding your studies, such as admissions, registration, and collecting exams.

Do you have questions relating to your studies? Are you wondering about your study options or your future career? Or perhaps you are in need of special support?

On these pages you will find a great deal of useful information about the student services and support provided by the Department of Information Technology, including information on everything from thesis projects and career opportunities to what rules and rights you have to navigate as a student.

Student advisors

Do you have questions regarding your studies and future career? You can always turn to our excellent student advisors to discuss your study options, any problems you might have with your studies or study situation, and thoughts about your future career. Part of their job is to know how you are getting along.

If you have issues with a particular course and do not want to talk to the teachers directly, you can turn to one of our guidance advisors. Note that all conversations with our guidance advisors are always confidential. It is only if you agree that a student advisor may pass on what you have discussed.

Additional Student Advisors

The faculty contributes to student services and counselling for all students studying science and engineering. Students in mathematics can also contact the counsellors at the Department of Mathematics.

There is also a university wide student service with study and career counsellors that help all students regardless to what they study and who have a broader overview of the entire supply of courses and programmes at the university.

Degree and Career

Picture of student with balloons instead of a head.

Your degree can be an end point for your studies, as well as the starting point for your career. Regardless of whether you already know exactly what you want to work with or have not given it much thought, it is a good idea to start finding out as early as possible what various opportunities the job market can offer. You can discover interesting employers and new, sometimes far from self-evident, work assignments and career paths for people with your education.

Of course, our student advisors are available to counsel you on your career choices. They are all responsible for various programmes/subjects and can provide all kinds of expertise in your particular area.

Plan your degree and career

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