Department of Information Technology
Nationellt ämnesdidaktiskt Centrum för Teknikutbildning i Studenternas Sammanhang

A national center for pedagogical development in technology education in a societal and student oriented context


Anders Berglund, Mats Daniels and Arnold Pears
Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University


Arnold Pears is invited to speak at the ASEE Main Plenary in Vancouver, B.C.

The 9th CeTUSS WS "a seminar day on Professional Competencies" was held April 9, 2011, in Uppsala

'What is the Word for "Engineering" in Swedish: Swedish Students Conceptions of their Discipline' The CeTUSS Stepping Stones report on student and teacher perceptions of Engineering in the Swedish Context has been released. A shorter version of the report is also available. (June 2007)

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