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MWB'99: Brief installation instructions

To build MWB using SML/NJ 110.55 or 110.59

1. Run sml -m saveit.sml

To build MWB using SML/NJ 110.0.7

-1. Download and unpack MWB 4.135, not the latest version. Apply the patch for distinction handling to it. (The interface to some standard libraries changed incompatibly somewhere between 110.0.7 and 110.55.)
0. Edit by deleting the two lines

          str : suffix (sml)

just after the initial Group is line.

  1. start sml-cm (or sml, if it has CM preloaded)
  2. CM.recompile();
  4. exit sml-cm
  5. start sml
  6. use "buildit.sml";

If you are using Windows

you may have to edit the file "loadit.sml" after step 3 above, since writes it using \ as a directory delimiter in pathnames, without quoting it in strings (this is a bug in SML/NJ, at least version 110.0.7). In this case, you need to double all those \ characters.

When done

Run to start it!

When using Windows

You may want to rename the file "" to "mwb.bat" in order to start the MWB.

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