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Vasa: A Simulator Infrastructure with Adjustable Fidelity

Dan Wallin, Håkan Zeffer, Martin Karlsson, and Erik Hagersten

In Proceedings of the 17th IASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems (PDCS 2005), Phoenix, Arizona, USA, November 2005.


This article presents Vasa, a configurable high-performance multiprocessor simulation package for the Virtutech Simics full-system simulator. Vasa includes models of multilevel caches, store buffers, interconnects and memory controllers and can model complex out-of-order SMT/CMP processors in great detail. However, it can also be run in two less detailed simulation modes being up to 287 times faster on average. We compare the simulation results from a 16-way cache coherent multiprocessor system with four 4-way SMT/CMP processors in the three simulation modes. Our results indicate that for many architectural studies, it is justifiable to run the simulations in a faster less detailed mode as long as it is not the behavior of the processor itself or the first level caches that is being studied.

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