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Identity and Belonging - becoming a Computing/IT professional

Student identity, in relation to discipline and study cohort, is an important research area that has emerged during the last decade. Sense of identity is linked to student perseverance, satisfaction in one's studies, and retention. This project explores students' experiences of participation, and discusses participation
as a part of a broader goal of understanding how student identity develops over time. The research has its foundations in the broader discourse of a holistic view of learning, going beyond pure cognitivism to consider both social interaction and personal development.

The project data are drawn from a longitudinal study, which follows students from two computing study programs over a period of three years. The aim is to acquire a better understanding of the students' disciplinary and professional identity development as they engage with the curriculum. The focus on participation is inspired by Lave and Wenger?s social theory of learning and Phenomenography is used for much of the primary data analysis.


Principal researcher, PhD student
Anne Peters

Anders Berglund
Anna Eckerdal
Arnold Pears

Selected publications

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