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Department of Information Technology

Recent Publications

Our most recent publications in Journals, Conferences and other venues are listed below.

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  1. Att undervisa textbaserad programmering i skolan. Lars-Åke Nordén and Linda Mannila. Studentlitteratur AB, Lund, 2020.
  2. Sustainable Development of Professional Competencies: A Teacher Training Perspective. Sandhya Kode, Mats Daniels, Anders Berglund, Surya Kiran Karri, and Erkki Sutinen. In , IEEE Computer Society, 2020.
  3. Computing Education: The Importance of Context: Keynote presentation. Mats Daniels. In , 2020.
  4. Professional Competencies in Computing Education: Are They Important?. Justyna Szynkiewicz, Gunhild Lundberg, and Mats Daniels. In , On line (Uppsala), 2020.
  5. Students’ professional competencies in computing project courses in the Norwegian context. Justyna Szynkiewicz, Gunhild Lundberg, and Mats Daniels. In , IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE), On line, 2020.
  6. Who Should We Invite? A Proposal of Steps for Conference Organizers to Follow to Bring Diverse Role Models to Computing Events. Virginia Grande and Mats Daniels. In , International Conference on Learning and Teaching in Computing and Engineering (LaTiCE), IEEE Computer Society, 2020.
  7. " Mature" to Doubt: Using Ethical Theories for Role Modeling in Computing Education. Virginia Grande and Kristina von Hausswolff. In , 2020.
  8. Types of Role Models for the Frontiers in Education (FIE) Community. Virginia Grande, Mats Daniels, and Anne-Kathrin Peters. In , 2020.
  9. Copying Can Be Good: How Students ViewImitation as a Tool in Learning to Program. Carol Zander, Lynda Thomas, Jan Erik Moström, and Anna Eckerdal. In 2020 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE), pp 1-9, IEEE conference proceedings, Uppsala, 2020. (DOI).
  10. Care ethics to develop computing and engineering education for sustainability. Anne-Kathrin Peters, Stefan Bengtsson, Asa Cajander, Mats Daniels, Virginia Grande, Johanna Lönngren, and Minna Salminen-Karlsson. In <em>2020 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE)</em>, pp 1-4, 2020. (DOI).
  11. Learning to program hands-on: a controlled study. Kristina von Hausswolff, Anna Eckerdal, and Michael Thuné. In Proceedings of the 20th Koli Calling International Conference on Computing Education Research November 2020 November 2020, pp 1-10, 2020. (DOI).
  12. Social dimensions in the lab session when novices learn to program. Kristina von Hausswolff and Maria Weurlander. In Proceeding in 2020 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE) 21-24 Oct. 2020, pp 1-9, 2020. (DOI).
  13. Computer science club for girls and boys – a survey study on gender differences. Tina Vrieler, Aletta Nylén, and Åsa Cajander. In Computer Science Education, 2020.
  14. Design Guidelines for Educational Games Targeting Children. Emma Nilsson, Marie Sjölinder, Åsa Cajander, Olof Ståhl, and Erik Einebrant. In , 2020.
  15. The Use of Scenarios in a Vision Seminar Process: The Case of Students Envisioning the Future of Study-Administration. Thomas Lind, Åsa Cajander, Annika Björklund, and Bengt Sandblad. In , 2020.
  16. Students as Prosumers in a Computing Science Course: Learning from Peer-Produced Materials. Anna Vasilchenko, Åsa Cajander, and Mats Daniels. In , 2020.
  17. Digital spetskompetens – den nya renässansmänniskan: Genomlysning, definition, prognosverktyg och rekommendationer för framtida utveckling. Jan Gulliksen, Åsa Cajander, and Mattias Wiggberg. Tillväxtverket och Universitetskanslerämbetet, 2020. (External link).
  18. Att undervisa vid Royal University of Bhutan. Anders Berglund. In Druk Yul, number 2, pp 27-29, The Swedish Bhutan Society, Stockholm, Sweden, 2019.
  19. Everybody Rock Your Equity: Experiences of Organizing a Women in Computing Event with Role Models for Diversity and Inclusion. Virginia Grande, Clara Benac Earle, Cristina Manresa-Yee, Elena Gómez-Martínez, Laura M Castro, Patricia Pons, and Raúl Corobán. In , 2019.
  20. How should universities care for the future?: Universities encouraging and supporting students to care for the future – vision or reality. Keri Facer, John Holmberg, Celine Granjou, Johan Siebers, Susanna Barrineau, Laila Mandy, and Anne-Kathrin Peters. In , 2019.
  21. Utilising Diversity for Project Work and Learning: A Study of the Learning Agreement Intervention. Anne-Kathrin Peters, Mats Daniels, and Åsa Cajander. In 2019 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE 2019), Frontiers in Education Conference, IEEE, 2019. (DOI).
  22. Inspiring Students in Their Learning: A Theoretically Based Discussion Building on Three Courses. Anders Berglund, Mats Daniels, and Arnold Pears. In 2019 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE 2019), Frontiers in Education Conference, IEEE, 2019. (DOI).
  23. Multiple Authentic Project-Based Experiences and Persistent Learning?. Ville Isomöttönen and Aletta Nylén. In 2019 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE 2019), Frontiers in Education Conference, IEEE, 2019. (DOI).
  24. When is Quality Assurance a Constructive Force in Engineering Education?. Arnold Pears, Mats Daniels, Aletta Nylen, and Roger McDermott. In 2019 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE 2019), Frontiers in Education Conference, IEEE, 2019.
  25. 1.5 Degrees of Separation: Computer Science Education in the Age of the Anthropocene. Ian Pollock, Bedour Alshaigy, Andrew Bradley, Birgit R. Krogstie, Viraj Kumar, Linda M Ott, Anne-Kathrin Peters, Charles P Riedesel, and Charles Wallace. In ITiCSE-WGR '19: Proceedings of the Working Group Reports on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education, pp 1-25, ACM Digital Library, 2019. (DOI).
  26. Teachers’ Awards: an Incentive for Pedagogical Development in Saudi Arabia. Fayiq Alghamdi, Aletta Nylén, and Arnold Pears. In 2019 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE), Frontiers in Education Conference, 2019. (DOI).
  27. Participation and learner trajectories in computing education. Anne-Kathrin Peters. In , volume 6 of Contributions from Science Education Research Series, pp 139-152, Springer, 2019. (DOI).
  28. Inferential statistics in computing education research: A methodological review. Kate Sanders, Judy Sheard, Brett A. Becker, Anna Eckerdal, Sally Hamouda, and Simon. In Proc. 15th International Computing Education Research Conference, pp 177-185, ACM Press, New York, 2019. (DOI).
  29. Copying can be good: How instructors use imitation in teaching programming. Carol Zander, Anna Eckerdal, Robert McCartney, Jan Erik Moström, Kate Sanders, and Lynda Thomas. In Proc. 24th Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education, pp 450-456, ACM Press, New York, 2019. (DOI).
  30. Assessing Students' IT Professional Values in a Global Project Setting. S. Frezza, Mats Daniels, and A. Wilkin. In ACM Transactions on Computing Education, volume 19, number 2, ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY, 2019. (DOI).

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