Department of Information Technology

Our goal

is to develop the insights that enable new tools and approaches to make parallel programming easier, and to demonstrate their effectiveness through prototype implementations on real problems.

Recent publications

  1. Towards Bayesian parametrization of national scale epidemics. Robin Eriksson, Stefan Engblom, and Stefan Widgren. In MATHMOD 2018 Extended Abstracts, pp 65-66, ARGESIM Publisher, Vienna, Austria, 2018.
  2. Analyzing performance variation of task schedulers with TaskInsight. Germán Ceballos, Thomas Grass, Andra Hugo, and David Black-Schaffer. In Parallel Computing, volume 75, pp 11-27, 2018.
  3. A general high order two-dimensional panel method. Anders Goude and Stefan Engblom. In Applied Mathematical Modelling, volume 60, pp 1-17, 2018.


  • Parosh Abdulla and Bengt Jonsson have, together with two French research colleagues, received the prestigious "CAV award" in 2017. The award is in recognition of their research on verification of correctness for parallel programs and computer systems.

Theses, Dissertations 2018

Jonatan Lindén: Synchronization Techniques in Parallel Discrete Event Simulation. Ph.D. thesis. Digital Comprehensive Summaries of Uppsala Dissertations from the Faculty of Science and Technology, ISSN 1651-6214 nr 1634. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, 2018.

Afshin Zafari: Advances in Task-Based Parallel Programming for Distributed Memory Architectures
Opponent: Doctor George Bosilca,University of Tennessee.

Elias Castegren: Capability-Based Type Systems for Concurrency Control
Opponent: Professor Alan Mycroft, Cambridge University.

Stavros Aronis: Effective Techniques for Stateless Model Checking
Opponent: Patrice Godefroid, Microsoft Research.

Static Instruction Scheduling for High Performance on Energy-Efficient Processors. Kim-Anh Tran. Licentiate thesis.

Othmane Rezine: Verification of networks of communicating processes: Reachability problems and decidability issues
Opponent: Professor Doctor Barbara König, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.


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