Department of Information Technology

Keynote Speakers

Johan Grönqvist - ARM, Lund
Hardware-Software Co-design in Arm GPUs

We will give an overview of Arm's latest GPU architecture, followed by a brief description of the graphics pipeline as embodied in the graphics APIs. Then, as an example of the co-design process, we describe Index-Driven Position shading, a new technique introduced in the most recent GPU Architecture, designed to decrease memory bandwidth for graphics applications. We focus on the hardware and software changes and their effect on memory traffic. To illustrate this, we present examples of cases where this change can be beneficial, and how the software layer can determine when to use this change.

Per Stenström - Chalmers University, Göteborg, Sweden
Runtime Guided Management of Multicore Cache Hierarchies

Davide Rossi - University of Bologna, Italy
Introduction to the PULP (Parallel Ultra Low Power) platform

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