Department of Information Technology
UPMARC, the Uppsala Programming for Multicore Architectures Research Center

Posters at UPMARC Winter Meeting 2013

Title Author(s)
Dynamic Heterogeneous Autotuning of Adaptive FMM Marcus Holm
Multi-core in Mixed-Critical Embedded Systems Jonas Flodin
Real-time applications on multi-core platforms with resource contention Jonas Flodin
Extending Psi-calculi and their Formal Proofs Johannes Borgström, Palle Raabjerg
Efficient Parallel Descrete Event Simulation in URDME Pavol Bauer, Jonathan Lindén
Sequentialization of concurrent recursive programs with context budgets Jari Stenman
Data-dependent tasks Martin Tillenius
Diffraction Imaging Reconstruction On GPUs Jing Liu
Verification under Relaxed Memory Carl Leonardsson
A priori power estimation of linear solvers on multi-core processors Dimitar Lukarski, Tobias Skoglund
Verifying Safety and Liveness for the FlexTM Hybrid Transactional Memory Yunyun Zhu
Improving power efficiency using a decoupled access-execute approach Vasilios Spiliopoulos, Konstantinos Koukos
Parallel Fiat-Shamir Identification Protocol Volkan Cambazoglu
Understanding the Coherence Cache Misses of Multi-threaded Programs Xiaoyue Pan
Fast And Accurate Instruction Cache Modeling Using Instruction Reuse Profiles Muneeb Khan
ETS: scaling Erlang's key-value store David Klaftenegger and Kjell Winblad
Parameterized Verification Frédéric Haziza


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