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Department of Information Technology

UPMARC Summer School on Multicore Computing, June 21-24, 2010

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Travel information and Accommodation

  1. Fagerudd Conference Center home page. Internet is available at the lecture room. Internet is available via Telia homerun for a daily cost.
    1. Fagerudd travel page.
    2. Address: Bredsandsvägen 63, Enköping
  2. Bredsand Camping youth hostel facilites 500 m from Fagerudd, Google map
    1. UPMARC has reserved 6 Chalets at Blombyn for summerschool participants.
    2. Address: Falkstigen 1, Enköping.
  3. Maps
    2. A map with route can be generated here from Enköping centre to Fagerudd by
    3. A map by
  4. Taxi Enköping +46 (0)171-44 00 00. Going from Arlanda airport to Fagerudd at a Sunday is the price 1130 SEK including tax if you reserve in advance. On a week day between 06.00 and 18.00 is the price 975 SEK.
  5. For Taxi from Enköping centre to Fagerudd ou may use the agreement with Enköpings taxi. Order the taxi at phone +46 (0)171-44 00 00 inform the taxi that you want to use the fixed price for Fagerudd. The price is 170 SEK working hours and 190 SEK all other time. UPMARC do not guarantee the Taxi prices.
  6. Resrobot can help you find optional optimal transport From: ARLANDA (Sigtuna kn), To: Enköping.
  7. If coming by train or bus is it best to take a taxi from Enköping station to Fagerudd.
  8. Walking distance is 8 km from Enköping Centre. There is no bus connection.


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