PROFUNDIS: Deliverables Year 2 (2003)

Deliverable #5: Verification Framework: Decidability Results, Algorithms and Extensions

  1. Behavioural and Spatial Observations in a Logic for the pi-calculus by Luis Caires
  2. A Logic You Can Count On by Silvano Dal Zilio, Denis Lugiez, and Charles Meyssonnier
  3. Model Checking Mobile Ambients by Witold Charatonik, Silvano Dal Zilio, Andrew D. Gordon, Supratik Mukhopadhyay, and Jean-Marc Talbot
  4. XML Schema, Tree Logic and Sheaves Automata by Silvano Dal Zilio and Denis Lugiez
  5. A Spatial Logic for Concurrency (part I) by Luis Caires and Luca Cardelli
  6. A Spatial Logic for Concurrency (part II) by Luis Caires and Luca Cardelli
  7. Adjuncts elimination in the static ambient logic by Etienne Lozes
  8. Minimality results for the spatial logics by D. Hirschkoff, E. Lozes, and D. Sangiorgi
  9. Spatial Logic Model Checker User's Guide by Hugo Vieira and Luis Caires

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