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Department of Information Technology

Parameteried Tree Systems


Several recent works have considered parameterized verification, i.e. automatic verification of systems consisting of an arbitrary number of finite-state processes organized in a linear array. The aim of this paper is to extend these works by giving a simple and efficient method to prove safety properties for systems with tree-like architectures. A process in the system is a finite-state automaton and a transition is performed jointly by a process and its parent and children processes. The method derives an over-approximation of the induced transition system, which allows the use of finite trees as symbolic representations of infinite sets of configurations. Compared to traditional methods for parameterized verification of systems with tree topologies, our method does not require the manipulation of tree transducers, hence its simplicity and efficiency. We have implemented a prototype which works well on several nontrivial tree-based protocols.


model checking, tree automata, mutual exclusion, protocol verification

Updated  2008-05-28 16:36:57 by Frédéric Haziza.