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Department of Information Technology

How to present at TAPVES

Assuming that you are giving the nth seminar, you need to do the following.

  1. Sign up by editing the wiki page as early as possible.
  2. Write an abstract before seminar n-1 and put it on a subpage of the main wiki page.
  3. Start preparing your presentation at least 1-2 weeks in advance.
  4. You are the chair person for seminar n-1. This means:
    1. You start the seminar by presenting the speaker (so make sure you know who it is and at least read the abstract).
    2. You distribute the word to people who want to ask questions.
    3. While everyone at the seminar is supposed be active, you have extra responsibility to ask questions if nobody else does.
    4. Finish by thanking the speaker.
    5. Then give a short advertisement (1-2 minutes) for your presentation next week.
  5. Make your presentation:
    1. Book a projector in time if you need it. Parosh has one in the locker in printer room 1132, ask Parosh Abdulla, Noomene Ben Henda, Ahmed Rezine, or Sven Sandberg. There's also an extension cable here.
    2. Prepare the room at least 15 minutes before, so that you have time to fix any projector problems.
    3. Give your presentation.
  6. Get course credits: if you are a PhD student, ask your advisor to give you two points for having made the presentation.

Timeline for presenters

  1. As early as possible, but absolutely no less than 10 days in advance: Sign up.
  2. Monday 10 days before your seminar: Write a title and an abstract and insert it on the webpage. Contact the person presenting the n-1st seminar, ask how to present him or her. Prepare a 1 minute advertisment for your seminar. Start making the presentation if you haven't already done so.
  3. Thursday 7 days before your seminar: Be in the room no later than 13:15 - you are the chair person. Announce your own seminar at the end.
  4. The morning of your seminar: Book the projector.
  5. At 13:15: Set up the projector, prepare the room. Hold the seminar.
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