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Department of Information Technology

Doing a MS Thesis within the CoRe group

We periodically offer MS Thesis opportunities within ongoing projects in the CoRe group. With rare exceptions, we do not announce thesis subjects on the web. Instead the procedure is as follows:

  • Students who are interested in doing their MS thesis within the group send an application to the coordinator, which currently is Per Gunningberg.
  • Three times a year, we sit down and go through received applications to decide what students we are offering a thesis opportunity. The offers are made within 2 weeks of the last date to submit an application according to below.
  • If you are offered a thesis opportunity and are interested, we meet and discuss the details about the subject

Each application should include

  • A cover letter
  • A CV
  • A course grade transcript

Send your application as a single PDF file with your name as the filename. The entire application should not be longer than 4-8 pages in total.

Dates and such

CV Deadline Decision Thesis begins Thesis finished
End of study period 1 Mid-November January/February June-August
End of study period 3 Mid-April June November/December
End of study period 4 Before midsummer August/September December/January
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