Department of Information Technology

Embedded Systems

Timing predictability and correctness are among the central issues in embedded systems design. The Embedded Systems Group aims at scalable and precise techniques for timing analysis and correctness verification of embedded systems. The track record of the group is the development of UPPAAL - a model-checker for real-time systems, developed and maintained jointly with Aalborg University, Denmark, and TIMES - a tool box for (1) scheduling and analysis and (2) generation of executable code from timed automata. Current activities include:

  • SMT based techniques for efficient verification
  • WCET Estimation
  • Real-time scheduling
  • Mixed-Criticality Systems
  • Resource reservation/virtualization

Current members

PhD students




  • Mingsong Lv, Northeastern University, China
  • Nan Guan, Northeastern University, China
  • Martin Stigge, Arista Networks, Canada

Current projects

Open Master Thesis Topics

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