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Department of Information Technology

Acceptable use policy for computer, network and system resources at the Department of Information Technology

The computing resources, computer networks, peripheral equipment and computer accounts belong to Uppsala University (UU) and are made available for use in activities authorized by UU. These resources may be used only when doing so

  • does not violate the rules of this policy,
  • does not violate the rules of the Department, UU rules ("UpUnet-S Acceptable Use Policy"), rules for SUNET or applicable law.

In the context of this document, an authorized user is any person who has been assigned an account or has otherwise been given permission to use the computer, network or system resources at the Department.

Account holders

  • A computer account and its associated resources must only be used by its authorized account holder.
  • No password associated with the account may be disclosed to other persons.
  • The account is time-limited and will be closed when the studies, employment, project or similar activity ceases. The account may also be closed if it has remained inactive for more than six months. Data stored with an account being closed will be archived for a reasonable period of time.

Use of computer, network and system resources

  • Sabotage or disruptive activities aimed at the computer system or other users, as well as gaining unauthorized access to any local or remote computer systems whether governed by this policy or not, is prohibited.
  • These resources may be used for activities other than research and education only when doing so will not interfere with regular use.
  • Commercial use of UU computer resources is prohibited unless expressly permitted.
  • Using the computer network to provide services to the general public is prohibited unless permission is given by system staff.
  • UU must not be held responsible for the performance or availability of the computer system.
  • Making use of system misconfigurations, software errors or other methods in order to gain system privileges, additional access or increased resources beyond those assigned by system staff is prohibited.
  • Anybody encountering errors or other problems affecting system security must notify system staff without undue delay.
  • Information may be copied or distributed only when dissemination is clearly permitted. Information protected by copyright may be copied or distributed only with permission from the copyright holder.
  • Pornography and other offending matter is prohibited.
  • UU reserves the right to limit the ability to publish and distribute information via UU equipment.
  • Reading other users' working files or solutions to educational assignments is prohibited unless permitted by the teacher in charge or by the director of undergraduate studies.
  • The account holder is responsible for protecting working files and solutions to educational assignments against access by other users than those authorized by the teacher in charge or by the director of undergraduate studies.

Penalties for and responses to violation of the rules

  • Violating these rules or applicable law will be reported to the disciplinary committee and/or law enforcement authorities, possibly resulting in removal from education and/or legal action.
  • System staff members have a duty of silence, except towards law enforcement authorities.
  • In order to maintain regular service, and to ensure that this policy is upheld, system staff members have the right, within their area of responsibility and without prior warning, to monitor UU computer systems and inspect the contents of data communications, data files or similar being stored or during transmission.
  • On suspicion of rule violation, system staff members have the right to prevent access to UU computer, network and system resources without prior notice.

The current policy has been posted on department bulletin boards, and can be found in electronic form on Version of January 18, 1999.

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