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Department of Information Technology

Cyber-physical Systems Lab at Uppsala University

Research Topics

Sustainability and Resilience: Our lab investigates methods to design and operate sustainable and resilient cyber-physical systems. We explore energy-efficient algorithms, resource optimization strategies, and eco-friendly practices to minimize environmental impact and enhance the long-term sustainability of CPS.

Interoperability: We investigate methods and technologies to ensure seamless interoperability between heterogeneous cyber-physical systems. Our research aims to enable efficient communication and integration of diverse devices, platforms, and protocols, fostering connectivity and information exchange.

Complexity Management: As cyber-physical systems become increasingly complex, we delve into strategies to manage and understand this complexity. Our researchers develop frameworks, models, and algorithms to effectively design, analyze, and optimize CPS, ensuring their reliability, performance, and resilience.

Collaboration and Cooperation: We explore collaborative approaches to CPS design, operation, and decision-making. Our research focuses on developing cooperative systems that can work together, share resources, and achieve collective objectives, leading to enhanced efficiency and performance in various domains.

Thinking models/mindsets: We work on merging systems thinking, design thinking and futures thinking as a framework to design the future CPS in a more human-centered and sustainable way. This includes providing tools and methods for initiating new design concepts, prototyping, creative thinking, systems design, and future scenario planning.

Applications and Case Studies: We collaborate with industry partners and other research institutions to apply our findings and methodologies to real-world problems. This includes developing CPS solutions for smart transportation, energy management, healthcare systems, and environmental monitoring, among others, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and collaboration.

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