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Department of Information Technology

Uppsala Networked Objects (UNO)

Our objective is to network all kind of objects from the tiniest sensors and actuators to more full-blown objects such as quadrocopters in a reliable, secure and efficient way. We perform systems research, i.e., we work with real prototype systems. We collaborate closely with the Networked Embedded Systems group at RISE Computer Science (earlier SICS) and the CORE research group. We also collaborate with universities abroad. For example,we have joint projects with the University of Colombo (Sri Lanka). We offer interesting Master's theses.
We publish at top tier conferences such as IEEE/ACM IPSN, ACM SenSys, ACM MobiSys, ACM MobiCom and EWSN.

MSc theses and Projects

Please contact Thiemo Voigt if you are interested in doing your thesis or other projects with us.
Master's thesis on Themoelectric Energy Harvesting for Wearable Sensors

We run several interesting projects. One of our larger project is called
Don't Hack my Body!
We are also involved in the Update project


Associated Senior Researchers


We are involved in computer communication courses including Internet of Things

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