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Seminars 2012

12 December

Solving elliptic PDEs using integral equation methods

6 December

Towards the Ultimate Solver for Wave Equations in the Time Domain

5 December in room 2446

Entropy Stable High Order SBP for Finite Domain Compressible Flows

21 November

Splitting schemes

14 November

Boundary Closures for ESWENO Schemes

31 October in room 1145

Multiresolution and Adaptive Mesh Refinement schemes: a comparative study

24 October in room 2345

Using improved directions of negative curvature for the solution of unconstrained or bound-constrained non-convex problems

19 October at 14.00 in room 2446

Mini-workshop: Topics in Numerical Quantum Dynamics

  • Speakers: Christian Lubich, Tübingen, Regina de Vivie-Riedle, München, Vasile Gradinaru, Zürich, Hans Karlsson, Uppsala, Emil Kieri, Uppsala
  • Program

28 September at 10.15 in room 2446, licentiate seminar

Leveraging multicore processors for scientific computing

26 September in room 2345

Preconditioning and Iterative Methods for Complex Linear Systems

19 September at 15.15

Radial Basis Function - Generated Finite Differences for scientific computing: Freedom from meshes with low computational cost

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