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Department of Information Technology


Maya Neytcheva

Seminar program in scientific computing

Fall 2022

December 21 at 13:15: Invited speaker

Fast direct solvers for boundary integral equations

December 19 at 13:15: Invited speaker


December 7 at 10:15: Invited speaker

Solving PDEs with DUNE-FEM

December 2 at 10:15: Half-time seminar

Comparing weak and strong boundary enforcement methods for high-order finite differences

December 1 at 14:30: Invited speaker

A finite difference - discontinuous Galerkin method for the wave equation

November 30 at 13:15: Internal speaker

A local problem for stochastic homogenisation problems with exponential regularisation

November 16 at 13:15: Internal speaker

RBF approximations for solving surface PDEs

November 16 at 13:15: Internal speaker

Global optimisation of computationally expensive objective functions

Cancelled, moved to January 2023

November 9 at 13:15: Licentiate seminar

Computational Statistical Methods for Genotyping Biallelic DNA Markers from Pooled Experiments

November 2 at 13:15: Internal speaker

HASTE Toolkit: An end-to-end data pipeline from collection to efficient resource management

October 25 at 13:15: Invited speaker

Guided sequential ABC schemes for intractable Bayesian models

October 18 at 13:15: Internal speaker

Reduced order models for inverse scattering problems

September 28 at 13:15: Invited speaker

Domain-of-Dependence (DoD) stabilization for solving conservation laws on cut cell meshes

September 7 at 13:15: Invited speaker

To be announced

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