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Seminars 2016

19 December

Summation-by-parts on staggered grids

7 December in room 2345

Modeling of acoustic thermoviscous boundary losses

30 November in room 2345

Hybrid modeling of the interaction between the solar wind and planets

16 November in room 2345

CutFEM: Discretizing Geometry and Partial Differential Equation

9 November at 10.15 in room 2345

The IDR method for solving large nonsymmetric linear systems

2 November in room 2345

Parameter estimation via constraint propagation

26 October in room 2345

Stochastic Simulation Service: Bridging the gap between the computational expert and the biologist

Diagonal-norm upwind SBP operators

5 October in room 2345

Fast matrix-free evaluation schemes for generic finite element programming with deal.II

30 September at 10.15 in room 1111, licentiate seminar

Inflow generation for scale-resolving simulations of turbulent boundary layers

16 September at 13.15 in room 2446, licentiate seminar

Towards higher order immersed finite elements for the wave equation

16 September at 10.15 in room Ångström 4005

Developing simulation technology to solve biomedical problems: analysis, implementation and applications

31 August in room 2345

Well-Balanced Positivity Preserving Central-Upwind Scheme on Triangular Grids for the Saint-Venant System

17 August in room 2345

Accurate reaction rates for the reaction-diffusion master equation

15 June in room 2344

Stochastic 3D Simulations of Polarization and Growth of the Yeast Mating Projection on Static and Moving Boundary Domains

2 June at 13.15 in room 2345

An icy afternoon

1 June in room 2446

BDDC Deluxe Domain Decomposition Algorithms

27 May in room 2345

Lagom Order Accurate Methods for Propagation of Waves in Deterministic and Stochastic Problems

11 May in room 2344

Efficient Resource Utilization and Cloud Infrastructures

20 April in room 2345

Filtering and parameter estimation of partially observed diffusion processes using Gaussian RBFs

Adaptive finite differences in option pricing

15 April in room 2345

Deflation techniques for distinct solutions of nonlinear PDEs

6 April in room 2345, PhD student seminar

Multiscale Simulation of Large Numbers of Interacting Biological Cells

Numerical simulation of seismic wave propagation in complicated geometries

Numerical Modeling of Cell Populations Communicating via Diffusible Signal Molecules

30 March in room 2345

Monte Carlo methods for inference in dynamical systems

18 March at 10.15 in room 2345

The Monge-Ampere equation and seismology

16 March in room 2345

Numerical simulations of interface-resolved particle suspensions in turbulent flows

2 March in room 2345

Two-level finite element discretizations for simulating Bose-Einstein condensates

25 February at 13.15 in room 2446, licentiate seminar

A vertex-centered discontinuous Galerkin method for flow problems

11 February at 14.00 in room 2345

Mini-Workshop: Numerical Methods for Quantum Dynamics

  • Speakers: Elisabeth Larsson, Uppsala, Anders Szepessy, Stockholm, Tobias Jahnke, Karlsruhe, Caroline Lasser, Munich, Hans Karlsson, Uppsala
  • Program

3 February in room 1245

Computing linear combinations of phi functions

27 January in room 1245

Autonomic elasticity for cloud applications and infrastructures

22 January at 10.15 in room 2446, licentiate seminar

Radial basis function methods for pricing multi-asset options

15 January in room 2345

Generation and propagation of acoustic waves in the atmosphere

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