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Department of Information Technology

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Fall 2020

December 2 at 13:15, guest lecturer, Zoom meeting

Heterogeneous multiscale models for the Landau-Lifshitz equation with highly oscillatory coefficient

November 18 at 13:15, guest lecturer, Zoom meeting

On algebraic Multigrid methods

November 4 at 13:15, guest lecturer, Zoom meeting

Structure preserving iterative methods in CFD

October 28 at 13:15, guest lecturers, Zoom meeting

On using a zero lower bound on the physical density in material distribution topology optimization

October 14 at 13:15, guest lecturer, Zoom meeting

3D Acoustic shape optimization of a compression driver

September 30 at 13:15, guest lecturer, Zoom meeting

New regularity conditions for finite element meshes

September 23 at 13:15, internal speaker, Zoom meeting

Iterative solution of systems arising from implicit Runge-Kutta methods of arbitrary high order

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Spring 2020

May 20 at 13:15, Ph.D. presentations

A shock-capturing hybrid finite element - finite difference method

Stability analysis of finite element methods for the wave equation

May 15 at 15:15, Invited lecture

MPI is here to stay: future developments and novel features

April 22 at 13:15, 2345, guest lecturer

Programming languages and Linear Algebra Computations

April 15 at 13:15, guest lecturer

The COMSOL Multiphysics® Modeling Environment

March 30 at 15:15, 2345, guest lecturer OBS! Monday

Title to be announced

March 11 at 13:15, 2345, guest lecturer

Multifidelity Approximate Bayesian Computation

February 26 at 13:15, 2345, Half-time seminar

A radial basis function finite difference method with improved stability properties

February 19 at 13:15, 2345, guest lecturer

A fast Fourier transform based direct solver for the Helmholtz problem

January 27 at 10.15, 2446, Half-time seminar

Multiscale Modeling in Biology: Methods and Perspective

External guest: Mark Sturrock, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

January 20 at 10.15, 2345, Half time seminar

Impact of force function formulations on the numerical simulation of center-based models

External guest: Jochen Kursawe, St. Andrews University, Scotland

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