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Seminar program in scientific computing

  • Time: 13:15
  • Location: ITC, Polacksbacken

Spring 2018

30 May in room XXXX, guest lecture

Mitral Valve Biomechanical Model Construction

24 May in room 2345, guest lecture

A third order accurate wave propagation method for hyperbolic partial differential equations

18 May in room 2345 at '15:15', guest lecture

Quasi-Toeplitz matrices: analysis, algorithms and applications

16-17 May, short course

Introduction to the numerical solution of inverse problems

9 May in room 2347, Docent föreläsning

Fasbestämning - beräkningsvetenskap för att avbilda virus

8 May in room 2244, guest lecture

Surfactant-Covered Drop Electrohydrodynamics

25 April in room 2344, Ph.D. presentation

Radial basis function methods for nonlinear PDEs

18 April in room 2345, guest lecture

Computational methods for stability in mechanical systems: From numerics to rigorous proofs

11 April in room 2345, guest lectures

  • Cecilia Persson

Computational analysis as a tool in biomaterials and biomechanics research: bone fracture treatment


  • Dan Wu

Deducing bone properties at the micro-level through imaging and numerical analysis

4 April in room 2344, Ph.D. presentations

Parallelization and scalability analysis of inverse factorization using the Chunks and Tasks programming model Abstract


Parallel Stochastic Simulation of Cell-Cell Communication with Spatially Resolved Reaction-Diffusion Kinetics Abstract

28 March in room 2344, Ph.D. presentation

3D modelling of controlled-source electromagnetic fields in applied Geophysics

7 March in room 1146, Ph.D. presentations

Investigating Statistical Models for Imputation - Applications for Ancient DNA, Kristiina Ausmees

KubeNow: an On-Demand Cloud-Agnostic Platform for Microservices-Based Research Environments, Marco Capuccini

March 1 in room 2344, at 14:15 guest lecture

Failing less or failing better
/On Resiliency in HPC computations/

28 February in room 2446, guest lecture

Machine Intelligence and Automation at Ericsson Research

Jörgen Gustafsson and Andreas Johnsson

21 February in room 2446, guest lecture

Transitional and turbulent bent pipes

14 February in room 2345, guest lecture

Adaptive finite element method for identification of isotropic coefficients in Maxwell's equations

7 February in room 2345

Mathematical modelling of blood coagulation and thrombus formation under flow in normal and pathological conditions

17 January in room 2344, guest lecture

Meshfree semi-Lagrangian methods for transport on spheres and other surfaces

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