Department of Information Technology


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Seminar program in scientific computing

  • Time: 13:15-15:00
  • Location: ITC, Polacksbacken

Fall 2018

October 4 at 10.15, 2247, guest lecture

Aritificial Intelligence and the self-driving cloud

October 3 at 13.15, 2345, guest lecture


27 September at 13.15, 1112, guest lecture

High-order compact finite difference methods for parabolic problems with mixed derivative terms and applications in computational finance

20 September at 14.30 (!), 1213, guest lecture

Coupled Flow Solution Algorithms in OpenFOAM

12 September at 13:15, 1111, guest lecture

Hybrid Fuzzy-Stochastic Predictive Modeling and Computation

7 September in room 1211, guest lecture

The Numerical (in?)Stability of Ice Sheet Models

5 September in room 2414b, guest lecture

Meshless Method Coupled with Finite Element Method for Structural Optimisation

23 August in room 2345, 10:15-11, guest lecture

Transport Based Ideas for Waveform Inversion

17 August in room 2345, 10:30-11.15, guest lecture

The Topic of Optimal Transport: Theory and Application

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