Department of Information Technology


Maya Neytcheva

Seminar program in scientific computing

Spring 2020

February 26 at 13:15, XXXX, guest lecturer

Title to be announced
Daniel Appelö

January 27 at 10.15, 2446, Half-time seminar

Title to be announced
Adrien Coulier
External guest: Mark Sturrock, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

January 20 at 10.15, 2345, Half time seminar

Title to be announced
Sonja Mathias
External guest: Jochen Kursawe, St. Andrews University, Scotland

Fall 2019

December 11 at 13.15, 4307, guest speaker

On necessary and sufficient conditions for strong hyperbolicity

December 6 at 10.15, 2214, guest speaker

WaveHoltz: Iterative solution of the Helmholtz equation via the wave equation

December 4 at 13.15, 1311, guest speaker

Robust High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods: Why? and How?

November 28 at 13.15, 2244,Half-time seminar

High order finite difference methods for wave problems

November 20 at 15.15, 4307, guest speaker

Rayleigh quotient optimizations and eigenvalue problems

November 8 at 14.30, 2446, guest speaker

CONQUEST: linear scaling and large-scale DFT calculations

October 30 at 13.15, 2345, guest speaker

Can machines learn continuously? A tutorial of the Bayesian approach

October 17 at 13.15, 2345, guest speaker

Albany Land-Ice (ALI): A Next-Generation Variable-Resolution Ice Sheet Model Towards Probabilistic Projections of Sea-Level Change

October 9, at 13:15, 2214, guest speaker

Self-optimization in the cloud

September 25 at 13.15, 1111, guest speaker

Multiscale computations for elliptic problems and time averaged waves

September 9 at 13.15, 4306, guest speaker

Radiation boundary conditions for waves: extensions and open problems

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