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Department of Information Technology

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Seminar program in scientific computing

  • Time: 13:15
  • Location: ITC, Polacksbacken

Fall 2017

12 December at 15:15 in room 2344, guest lecture

Topological and dynamical properties of molecular interaction networks in cancer

7 December in room 2344, guest lecture

Parallel Preconditioning with ILU-type Methods

29 November in room 2446, PhD extended seminar

Summary of the research work done

22 November in room 2466

Hidden Markov models for genotype phasing and handwritten text alignment

26 October in room 2345, guest lecture

Numerical Challenges & Ideas for "Next Generation" CFD Tools for Flow Problems with Complex Rheology

25 October in room 2344, guest lecture

Computational Mathematics at Örebro University

24 October in room 2345, guest lecture

Technical and scientific challenges in simulating the Antarctic Ice Sheet and its interactions with the ocean

18 October in room Å4003, CIM guest lecture

On computer simulation of multiscale processes in porous electrodes of Li-ion batteries

17 October in room 2345, guest lecture

Toward Exascale Computations of Uncertainty Quantification for Porous Media Flow Using Multilevel Monte Carlo

20 September in room 4307, guest lecture

The Manchester Thermal Analyser: A tool for thermal analysis of 3-D integrated circuits

14 September at 12:15 in room 4306, guest lecture

Local RBF collocation approach to the modelling of thermo-mechanics of low-frequency electromagnetic direct chill casting

13 September in room 2344, guest lecture

Maximum Likelihood estimation to approximate Bayesian computation: Parameter Estimation for Stochastic Biochemical Systems

6 September in room 2344, PhD presentations

A robust structured preconditioner for the time-harmonic parabolic optimal control problem (30 min)

Are the eigenvalues of banded symmetric Toeplitz matrices known in almost closed form? Some new results and applications (30 min)

30 August in room 4308, guest lecture

Application in Treatment Planning, Training Simulators and On-Line Treatment

Spring 2017

14 June in room 2345, guest lecture

Hermite Interpolation and Differential Equations

24 May in room 2345, guest lecture

Numerical Solutions of the Painlevé Equations

18 May at 15:30 in room 2345, guest lecture

Multilevel Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods for Lognormal Diffusion

3 May in room 2345, guest lecture

Finite Elements for PDEs on Surfaces

26 April in room 2446, PhD student seminar

Modern computational methods for ancient DNA

Modelling of geometric phase shifts in quantum mechanics

Making Sense of Large Computational Experiments

19 April at 14:15 in room 2345

High-order convergent and accurate electromagnetic solvers on Lipschitz domains

5 April in room 2344

Computational modeling of populations of living cells

In silico craneofacial development

29 March in room 2345

Surrogate Modeling and Surrogate-Based Optimization

15 March in room 2344

The dynamics of animal groups, Swedish society and football

8 March in room 2344, docent lecture

Finite element methods for flow problems

22 February in room 2344

Direct FEM simulation of multi-phase turbulent flow


15 February in room 2214

Boundary integral methods and quadrature error estimates

8 February in room 2344

Generalized Krylov subspace methods for l_p-l_q minimization with application to image restoration

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