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Fall 2019

December 11 at 13.15, 4307, guest speaker

On necessary and sufficient conditions for strong hyperbolicity

December 6 at 10.15, 2214, guest speaker

WaveHoltz: Iterative solution of the Helmholtz equation via the wave equation

December 4 at 13.15, 1311, guest speaker

Robust High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods: Why? and How?

November 28 at 13.15, 2244,Half-time seminar

High order finite difference methods for wave problems

November 20 at 15.15, 4307, guest speaker

Rayleigh quotient optimizations and eigenvalue problems

November 8 at 14.30, 2446, guest speaker

CONQUEST: linear scaling and large-scale DFT calculations

October 30 at 13.15, 2345, guest speaker

Can machines learn continuously? A tutorial of the Bayesian approach

October 17 at 13.15, 2345, guest speaker

Albany Land-Ice (ALI): A Next-Generation Variable-Resolution Ice Sheet Model Towards Probabilistic Projections of Sea-Level Change

October 9, at 13:15, 2214, guest speaker

Self-optimization in the cloud

September 25 at 13.15, 1111, guest speaker

Multiscale computations for elliptic problems and time averaged waves

September 9 at 13.15, 4306, guest speaker

Radiation boundary conditions for waves: extensions and open problems

Spring 2019

June 12 at 13.15, 2345, guest speaker

Development of sparse grid DG methods for high dimensional PDEs

June 10 at 10:15, 2344, Half-time seminar

Model exploration of stochastic biochemical reaction networks

June 5 at 13.15, 2345, guest lecturer

The primary instability in coaxial jet atomisation

May 29 at 13.15, 2344, guest lecturer

Title: TBA

May 23 at 13.15, 2345, guest lecturer

Constructing Accurate Post-Processing Convolution Kernels

May 22 at 13.15, 2345, guest lecturer

Modeling Neuroanatomic Propagation of Motor Neuron Disease in the Spinal Cord

May 21 at 12:15 (CoSY Lunch seminar), Ångström 4003, guest lecturer

Hybrid Monte Carlo Methods for Linear Algebra on Advanced Computer Architectures

May 13 at 13.15, 1145, guest lecturer

Overlapping and Moving Grid Approaches with Spectral-Element Methods: Concepts and Applications

  • Yulia Peet
  • School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, US
  • Abstract

May 8 at 13.15, 2345, guest lecturer

Therapeutic targets from big data: integrative discovery of treatments for high-risk neuroblastoma

May 3 at 13.15, 2345, guest lecturer

A Finite Element Method For PDEs in Time-Dependent Domains

April 25 at 13.15, 2345, visiting researcher

Volcanic eruptions and seismic air guns: geophysical applications of wave propagation simulations

April 17 at 13.15, 2344, visiting researcher

Modified Newton-Type Iteration Methods for Generalized Absolute Value Equations
Yang Cao, School of Transportation and Civil Engineering

April 3 at 13.15, 2245, guest lecturer

Cut Finite Element Methods with Application Design Optimization

March 13 at 13.15, 2344, Ph.D. student presentation

February 20 at 13.15, 2344, Ph.D. students presentations

Lukas Lundgren and Vidar Stiernström

Lukas Lundgren
Title: An efficient finite difference method for the shallow water equation

Vidar Stiernström
Title: A residual-based artificial viscosity finite difference method for scalar hyperbolic
conservation laws

February 13 at 13.15, 2344, selected publication

Assessing uncertainties in x-ray single-particle three-dimensional reconstruction
In: Physical Review E. Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 2018, Vol. 98, p. 013303:1-12

February 6 at 13.15, 2345, guest lecture

Projections – past, present and prospect
Pelle Olsson,
Microsoft, Commercial Software Engineering

January 30 at 13.15, 2344, guest lecture

Ab initio electronic structure calculations for advanced functional materials

January 22 at 13.15, Mässen, 6140, guest lecture

Data science experience

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