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Department of Information Technology

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Seminars 2015

2 December in room 1112

The multilevel Monte Carlo methods with applications to stochastic partial differential equations

25 November, PhD student seminar in room 1112

Computation of interior eigenstates in electronic structure calculations

Least Squares Radial Basis Function Partition of Unity Method

DuctTeip: A Task-Based Parallel Programming Framework For Distributed Memory Architectures

18 November in room 2345

Inverse Markov Chain for a stochastic process with partial observations

14 October in room 2347

Numerical Homogenisation via Heterogeneous Multiscale Methods

30 September in room 2345

Weak solutions of the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations

25 September at 13.15 in room 2446, licentiate seminar

Multiscale and multilevel methods for porous media flow problems

23 September in room 1111

Implicit interface boundary integral methods

9 September in room 1311

High-fidelity turbulence simulation for industrial applications

26 August in room 2446

Simulating wave propagation for fluid-filled cracks in elastic solids using summation-by-parts

21 August at 14.00 in room 2247

Aerodynamic inverse design and shape optimization via control theory

3 July in room 2345

A new discontinuous Galerkin formulation for wave equations in second order form

15 June in room 2345

Multi-Index Monte Carlo

27 May, PhD student seminar in room 2345

Modeling of Moving Contact Lines in Two-Phase Immiscible Flows

Near-Wall Modelling for Large Eddy Simulation

High-fidelity numerical simulation of solitons in the nerve axon

20 May in room 4306

The GLT class as a Generalized Fourier Analysis and applications

29 April in room 2345

Modelling a fusion power plant

15 April at 14.15 in room 2345

Runge-Kutta type Explicit Local Time-Stepping Methods for Wave Propagation

15 April at 13.15 in room 2345

Handling noise in X-ray flash diffraction imaging

25 March in room 1112

High resolution interface representation in numerical flow simulations using finite element methods

18 March in room 2345

Large-scale biomedical data management and analysis with applications in biological sequencing and drug discovery

4 March in room 2345

Diffeomorphic registration of densities by optimal information transport

25 February in room 2215

Micromechanical modelling of the thermo-mechanical behaviour of semicrystalline polymers

11 February in room 2247

What we've learnt about the human upper respiratory airways

23 January at 10.15 in room 2446, licentiate seminar

Techniques for finite element methods on modern processors

21 January in room 2344

Implicit methods for compressible flow problems

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