PROFUNDIS: Deliverables Year 2 (2003)

Deliverable #2: Automata with Substitutions and Models for Spatial Logics; Symbolic Execution; Tool Implementation: Extended Automata

  1. Web Services as a New Approach to Distributing and Coordinating Semantic-based Verification Toolkits by Michael Baldamus, Jesper Bengston, GianLuigi Ferrari, and Roberto Raggi
  2. A Backward/Forward Strategy for Verifying Safety Properties of Infinite­State Systems by Michael Baldamus, Richard Mayr, and Gerardo Schneider
  3. Spi Calculus Translated to -Calculus Preserving May-Testing by Michael Baldamus, Joachim Parrow, and Bjorn Victor
  4. ASPASyA: an Automated tool for Security Protocol Analysis based on a Symbolic Approach by Giacomo Baldi, Andrea Bracciali, Gianluigi Ferrari, and Emilio Tuosto
  5. D-Fusion: a Distinctive Fusion Calculus by Michele Boreale, Maria Grazia Buscemi, and Ugo Montanari
  6. A Compositional Coalgebraic Model of Monadic Fusion Calculus by Maria Grazia Buscemi and Ugo Montanari
  7. Some characterization results for permutation algebras by Fabio Gadducci, Marino Miculan, and Ugo Montanari
  8. A model checking verification environment for mobile processes by G. Ferrari, S. Gnesi, U. Montanari, and M. Pistore
  9. Verification On The Web Of Mobile Systems by Gianluigi Ferrari, Stefania Gnesi, Ugo Montanari, Roberto Raggi, Gianluca Trentanni, and Emilio Tuosto
  10. From Co-algebraic Specifications to Implementation: The Mihda toolkit by Gianluigi Ferrari, Ugo Montanari, Roberto Raggi, and Emilio Tuosto
  11. Coalgebraic Minimisation of HD-Automata for the pi-Calculus in a Polymorphic lambda-Calculus by Gianluigi Ferrari, Ugo Montanari, and Emilio Tuosto
  12. Modelling and Minimising the Fusion calculus by Gianluigi Ferrari, Ugo Montanari, Emilio Tuosto, Bjorn Victor, and Kidane Yemane
  13. Mapping Fusion and Synchronized Hyperedge Replacement into Logic Programming by Ivan Lanese and Ugo Montanari
  14. Symbolic Analysis of Crypto-Protocols based on Modular Exponentiation by Michele Boreale and Maria Grazia Buscemi
  15. A noninterleaving model of concurrency based on transition systems with spatial structure by Luis Monteiro
  16. A note on models for spatial logic based on transition systems with spatial structure by Luis Monteiro
  17. Non-Viability Deductions in Arc-Consistency Computation by Camilo Rueda and Frank D. Valencia
  18. Polyadic History-Dependent Automata for the Fusion Calculus by Emilio Tuosto, Bjorn Victor, and Kidane Yemane
  19. Timed Concurrent Constraint Programming: Decidability Results and their Application to LTL by Frank D. Valencia
  20. On the Expressiveness of CCS-like Calculi by Pablo Giambiagi, Gerardo Schneider, and Frank D. Valencia
  21. Concurrency, Time and Constraints by Frank D. Valencia
  22. Notes on Timed CCP by Mogens Nielsen and Frank D. Valencia
  23. History-Dependent Scheduling for Cryptographic Processes by Vincent Vanackere
  24. Models and Security Verification of Distributed Systems by Maria Grazia Buscemi

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